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Internship Programs

Interns are some of the most excited, passionate, and fun team members we can have - and we’re always thrilled when folks want to come learn with our team!

What you get:

Genuine Experience Opportunities Fun!

Perhaps you remember that A2L Consulting has been a nominee for Washington's Best Places to Work. This is in part true because we involve everyone (yes, even interns) in our decision-making. We have later heard back from our former interns that, while at first terrified by it, they very much appreciated being taken seriously. Bottom line: we promise real world experience and real world involvement.

We help unpaid interns get paid part-time and paid career positions in professional areas of their choice. To us, our internship program is just one more way we find really talented people to join our team or others – it’s like carving a statue from marble – the statue’s already in there, we just uncover it. Even if they do not end up at A2L Consulting, we often refer our best former interns to other employers.

Yes, A2L Consulting is a fun place to be. The office is cool. The people are cool. We are, in one company, committed to intensely professional delivery of our services and, at the same time, passionate about having fun at work. For us, this means not only a fun atmosphere, but also fun days outside of the office etc.

Here is who we are looking for:

Creative Interns Business Administrative Researcher Legal

Web Designers (Photoshop), Web Developers (Dreamweaver), Flash Developers, Director programmers and Creative Writers. If you are a great artist, fit the culture, and are Mac people, we generally have a place for you.

We will give you experience developing a CRM system and measuring the success of the marketing programs we implement. A graduate level person would be best here, but we are flexible.

We will give you experience helping to build our marketing database by surfing our customer's sites and gathering info.


Generally, we can provide experience for a law student at any time, but especially if you are an exceptional writer and researcher.


Program Details:

Our unpaid internship and externship program is provided for your, the intern’s, benefit and to provide you with experience and vocational education. The overarching goal of the Program is to provide a “practical business lab” for your enriched educational experience, to give you vocational instruction in a place and manner intended to most greatly benefit you, and to provide something beyond mere on-the-job training. In the Program, you will be closely supervised by the A2L staff.  A2L appreciates your services during the Program, but derives no immediate advantage from your services, as your assigned projects have been and will be designed and assigned primarily with your enrichment in mind. A2L will not consider you an employee of the company and your participation in the Program will not entitle you to a permanent position with A2L at the conclusion of your internship.


Interviews Contact Scheduling

Everyone has to be interviewed for every position at A2L Consulting, paid or unpaid. As much as we are looking for ability and potential, we are looking for a cultural fit with our organization. Interns generally interview once and meet with 2 or 3 people in the organization. This is a cakewalk compared to our normal rigorous 3 to 4 round 3-6 month interview process. Bottom line: We set the bar high for those we bring in to join the team (paid or not).

Prospective interns should send their information to interns@A2LC.com. Please be aware that we receive huge numbers of resumes per week, and as a result are simply unable to respond to them all. If you don’t hear back from us, please don’t despair - we really do look at all resumes that come in, and we keep them on file for up to a year.

We are very flexible. Whether it is 1 day a week or 5, that's o.k. with us so long as the schedule is predictable and you can get the professional experience that is the goal of our internship program.


Duration Confidentiality School Credit

Again, totally flexible. Generally though, we like to keep it to no more than 6 months

We ask the interns to sign a confidentiality agreement covering both our customer's work and our trade secrets.

We are happy to fill out a bunch of paper work so someone can get credit if their school offers it!

Just reach out to us at jobs@A2LC.com, and we'll see if there is a fit.