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Animators at Law Hires Top CFO! Oh . . . that’s Chief Fun Officer Rampant Fun Anticipated!

November 15, 2000

“If work isn’t fun, it’s just work,” says Animators at Law President & CEO Kenneth J. Lopez. “Fun is the center of our culture, and with a company that is growing as fast as ours, if we don’t focus on it we run the risk of losing it.” Perhaps this explains the newest position at rapidly growing Animators, Chief Fun Officer. The new CFO will be responsible for injecting fun into Animators at all levels.

So what is fun exactly? To Animators this means turning ordinary internal meetings into fun filled events, ensuring that adequate toys (from Nerf to Playstation) are strategically positioned throughout the office and coordinating frequent office outings. For the last five years, Animators has made a conscious effort to focus on these types of efforts with a great financial payoff of growth of at least 100% every year with several years above 300%.

Like innovation at HP or customer service at Nordstrom, fun is viewed by Animators as critical to its success as a company. Unlike Nordstrom, however, Animators projects its fun oriented core value only inward. Animators’ customers tend to be the largest and most powerful law firms around the world, and Animators recognizes that fun is generally not one of their customer’s core values so to its customers, Animators projects only professionalism.

Animators views the CFO as potentially the most important position at the firm. Unlike any other position at Animators, this position affects every single person at Animators every day. If the new CFO is successful, Animators expects to continue its record five year run of 100% employee retention.
Animators at Law is the nation’s leading attorney owned and operated litigation consulting firm specializing in the production of ultra persuasive trial exhibits, computer animation and jury research. It has offices in Washington and New York with nationwide offices in the planning stages.

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