Want to Join a Class Action Lawsuit? For the first time in history, Animators at Law lets you sign up on the Internet!

September 8, 1999

This week lawyers and the Internet inched ever closer with the creation of DOJCLASS.COM. The web site is the world’s first to allow members of an opt-in class action lawsuit to join on the Internet. This very high profile law suit involves Department of Justice Attorneys who are seeking to recover overtime pay that they allege DOJ has systematically denied them for years. When this history making project was conceived, Washington’s prestigious Williams and Connolly law firm hired Animators at Law to do the job.

Chalk up another victory for Washington, D.C. based Animators at Law who designed the web site to support this class action lawsuit. This project represents one of many victories for Animators that have collectively resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars of favorable decisions for its clients. Animators at Law is the nation’s leading attorney owned and operated litigation strategy, graphics and presentation company. It has offices in Washington and New York.

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