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Attorney-Owned Design Firm Makes Points With Graphics

March 31, 1997

If you present information visually, Animators at Law of  Alexandria wants to help you.  We are an attorney-owned and operated design firm that argues your point through graphics.  Unlike our competition, we are located across the Potomac, not across the country.

Demonstrative Evidence:  Whether you need traditional trial exhibits or ultra sophisticated computer animation presentable from a laptop, Animators can design a presentation suitable for your audience and your budget.

Web Site Design:  If your business does not have a Web site, it probably should.  If you already have one, is it time for a make-over?  Our designs are professional, practical and budget-minded.

Marketing:  We will create a print, CD-ROM or television advertising campaign that matches your business goals.  Just tell us who your target audience is or who your competitors are and we will take it from there.

Other Visual Tools:  If your needs are graphical, we can help you.  We provide multimedia lobby kiosks, medical and other illustration, brochure design, interactives, photo manipulation and countless other graphical services.  A free demonstration tape and brochure are available.

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