Jury Awards $2.22 Million in Air Turbulence Case after Watching Computer Animation


October 8, 1999

On Friday, a jury awarded $2.2 million to 13 American Airlines passengers who suffered through extreme turbulence on a 1995 American Airlines flight. The jury's decision was largely based on viewing an animation prepared by Animators at Law. Animators at Law, with offices in Washington, DC and New York, is the nation's leading attorney owned and operated litigation strategy, graphics and presentation company.

While her brother was in the studio producing another blockbuster movie, Nancy Spielberg, through trial counsel and presentation experts DOAR Communications, approached Animators at Law. Animators created an animation that depicted the tremendous fluctuation in altitude caused by the severe turbulence. The New York jury was able to use their famed Statue of Liberty as a frame of reference to fully understand the magnitude of the sudden altitude changes. For approximately 30 seconds, Flight 58's passengers endured a precarious situation. Through the animation, the jury was able to experience the passengers' horrific experience.

This is yet another success for Animators at Law, who recently received accolades for another animation they authored for the ValuJet Flight 592 crash. This case represents one of many victories for the firm that have collectively resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars of favorable decisions for its clients. Vital to the creation of this animation was New York based DOAR Communications who provided critical litigation strategy consulting and presentation technology.

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